CEO Message

There is no exact formula for success, just as there is no exact definition for it, but after many years of experience with the creation of success, I feel qualified to highlight the most vital ingredients which are essential for sustainable performance and I note with immense pride that Gulistan Marketing embodies them all. Success begins with a vision and leadership, it includes astute judgment of people and opportunities, it requires continually looking beyond the horizons and testing the boundaries, it demands integrity and commitment, and most important of all it needs a flexible collaborative attitude. These are not only the hallmarks of Gulistan, but also the cornerstones of our approach to investment.

I can look back at the milestones we have achieved with a sense of great accomplishment. Under my guidance and with the constant support of a highly talented senior management team, Gulistan has not just grown and diversified, but it has also strengthened its core. A core founded on and fuelled by expert knowledge; long-range vision; dynamic relationships and continuous innovation.

We seek to create value for our partners, our clients, their clients and even the communities we come into contact with. Our approach is one of enrichment; of empowerment; of developing sustainable returns.

I thank everyone who has been a part of our journey so far, and genuinely look forward to continue on this path of growth and success together. Our diversification is underpinned by our desire to evolve and lead the market. I consider it very satisfying to note that at the same time we are developing some of the most ambitious real estate projects in the region which will lead our nation to more prosperity.


Mian Abdul Rauf Qureshi

Chief Executive Officer